Highlander Institute Launches Formative Assessment Application

The Highlander Institute recently announced the beta launch of the Metryx Mobile Tracker, a new education application that gives educators an easy way to conduct formative assessments and monitor student’s learning progress in real time.

Metryx empowers teachers to aggregate meaningful data through any assessment – from traditional flashcards to online learning games — while offering the flexibility to track common core standards or customize the tool to their specific needs.  The innovative application is currently available for free to individual teachers as a web application that can be run on the iPad. The app will be available in the Apple App Store and the Android App markets once the full application is launched this fall.

The Tracker was conceived by Shawn Rubin, a founding faculty member of the Highlander Charter School in Providence, RI.  While teaching a diverse class of English Language Learners with relatively weak basic skills, Shawn found that daily formative assessment practices helped him understand and address the individual needs of his students – but his clipboard method was inefficient and time-consuming.

Shawn envisioned an iPad app that could make his daily assessments easier, faster, and more portable. He teamed up with Stephanie Castilla, an interaction designer from the Rhode Island School of Design, participated in the Social Venture Partners Change Accelerator Program, and incorporated as Metryx, LLC  with the support of the Highlander Institute.

Once the application was created, Rubin and the Highlander Institute partnered to test, develop and promote the app.  Over the course of this year, 40 elementary and middle school teachers piloted Metryx to help shape and evolve the app to its current Beta form. The app has received rave reviews from teachers around the world, including Australia and Mexico. A research team from Brown University is currently analyzing data from Year 1.