Stephanie Castilla, our Technology Integration Specialist, is Honored with the Rhode Island Tech10 – Outstanding Achievement Award!

On May 17th, our very own Stephanie Castilla, Technology Integration Specialist at the Highlander Institute and the co-founder of Metryx, was honored at a celebration event, the the Tech Collective’s Tech10 Award. Not only was she among the 10 recipients of this exciting award, she also received an additional award for overall achievement.

“She stood out, even among the other nine winners,” said Tech Collective’s Melissa Punchak.

The Tech Collective’s Tech10 Awards program recognizes Rhode Island’s 10 most accomplished IT practitioners, digital media professionals, and entrepreneurs. These are the do-ers, to go-to guys and gals. They are the geeks, the brainiacs, the ones who make the rest of us look like dolts and superstars all at the same time. They are the innovators and designers bringing to reality a world even beyond our dreams. And sometimes, they are so busy, they don’t have time to stand in the spotlight. Not this time.,66750