International Workers Day

International Worker’s Day

Today – and every day – we stand up proudly and in solidarity for the working families of the students we serve.

May Day has always been tied to immigrant communities because of the population’s contributions to the US economy. In Providence alone, 25 % of our student population are English language learners.

At Highlander Institute, we understand the challenge of our district partners to serve and serve well our rapidly changing, diverse student population. We believe in the power of our teachers, students and families to honor these diverse backgrounds in order to create a more globally-minded community. Our immigrant roots as a city and state are vital to our community’s success.

This year, we support International Worker’s Day. We are committed to an equitable education system that meets the needs all students. Our work is based on creating opportunities for students to reach their full potential despite socioeconomic barriers. We share this vision for all communities and our country. The communities and students we serve are achieving great things!

Join us today at Burnside Park to celebrate working class solidarity. For more information on locally sponsored events, check out this page.