"Learning to Blend" – Institute featured in Providence Monthly

Highlander Institute’s Director of Technology Integration, Shawn Rubin, has been featured in this month’s Providence Monthy.  Rubin tells interviewers about his experience as a teacher at Highlander Charter School and explains about Metryx and how it will help organize the classroom process for teachers.

“As a classroom teacher I used to walk through my classroom taking in quantitative data and qualitative notes about my students on a clipboard that never left my side. Every few days, I’d have to take all of those notes and data points, organize them, synthesize them, analyze them, and then make decisions about how to group my students based upon any valuable insight that I gleamed from this process. This process was essential for me to be able to give each of my students work that met their needs and challenged them at the level they needed….With Metryx, this is all done for the teacher in real-time.”

The full article can be viewed on Providence Monthly’s website