Classroom Blogs at the Highlander Charter School

A few months back we discussed the success of Ms. Viveiros’ Kindergarten Classroom blog (Found Here: It seems that these communication tools are catching on like wildfire at the Highlander Charter School. The Blogs are used to showcase what the students are learning in the classroom and are a much easier way to keep parents involved in their child’s education.

Today we will showcase the blog for Mrs. Waggenheim’s Grade 1A class (! Recently, a parent from 1B told the class about her Jamaican culture.

Make sure to check out Mrs. Waggenheim’s Blog for more fun updates and classroom activities!

EdUnderground makes an impact in Rhode Island

The EdUnderground, a progressive gathering of educators seeking to help teachers find and use innovative technology in the classroom is making waves in Rhode Island.

EdUnderground was founded in the summer of 2011 by The Highlander Institute’s very own Shawn Rubin and Stephanie Castilla. Originally, the group began as a small professional learning group that met to explore new educational apps for the iPad. Now, after receiving a $15,000 Professional Learning Community grant from the Rhode Island Department of Education, EdUnderground creates new products and practices with the aim to bring these innovations to education.

The Group meets monthly at the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) in Providence, RI and hosts educator-entrepreneur meetups throughout the state. The meetups consist of discussing EdTech, entrepreneurs showcasing their ideas, and brainstorming. The next EdTech meetup is scheduled for Tuesday, January 8 at 4pm at Tazza (250 Westminster St., Providence).

More into a virtual meetup? EdUnderground hosts the #EdTechRI chat on Twitter every other Sunday at 9pm. The next one is scheduled for Sunday, December 16 and will focus solely on the EdUnderground’s technology mission.

EdUnderground is also responsible for organizing the first EdCampRI held on November 3rd at Rhode Island College. EdCampRI drew over 80 educators, local and regional entrepreneurs and EdTech innovators.

More innovation and success is on the horizon for this quickly growing group of educators and entrepreneurs. Join the movement at one of their upcoming meetups or on Twitter!

Blog based on the article “Rhode Island’s EdUnderground Movement Takes Off“, published on by Dawn Casey-Rowe.