The Ed Tech Revolution is Coming. What Will it Look Like?

In 1971, we spent roughly $4,000 per student in public k-12 education. In 2011, this amount has nearly tripled to $11,000 per student. At the same time, students’ math and verbal test scores have stayed the same. We’re putting more money into a system that yields the same results. Something has to change if we wish to remain a competitive force in the World. This is where the Ed Tech Revolution comes in.

First Wave (0-5 years from now): a Change in Perception

According to the National Center for Education Information, 30% of public school teachers are under the age of 30. Meaning that 30% of public school teachers entered secondary school after the creation of Netscape and the Internet. The internet is a part of their everyday lives. Thus, they integrate it into their teaching by adopting web-based tools to become more efficient at their jobs.

Companies such as ClassDojo, Remind 101, and Educreations can be found in classrooms throughout the US because they distribute their products online to teachers for free and they make user-friendly programs that save teachers time.

Second Wave (5-10 years from now): a Change in Purchasing and Empowerment

Currently selling a product to a school is a “tops down” process, the purchaser of the product (superintendent) is rarely the user of the product (teacher). Resulting in an inefficient sales process and superintendents asking teachers what they need for their classrooms.

In the second wave a more efficient “bottoms up” sales channel becomes possible. When dozens of teachers in a school district are using the free version of a web-based product it is clear the the product is effective and necessary. Once the effectiveness of this “bottoms up” channel become apparent, superintendents will transfer purchasing power to teachers, giving them budgets to spend at online stores such as Apple’s App Store, Edmodo’s App Store, and EdShelf. Companies will be able to develop great low-cost products and offer them to individual teachers at a fraction of the price of what is currently sold at big publishing companies.

Third Wave (10-15 years from now): a Change in Process

We will finally see widespread change in our public school model, better reflecting students’ needs and the fiscal realities of today.

More specifically, schools will save money by moving away from traditional age-based and grade-based system towards one based on mastery. Kids will be able to test out of classes, allowing public schools to run more like a college and less like a factory.

Many of these models already exist today, mainly in the charter school community, but not exclusively. Two very exciting models are the “School of One” and “Quest to Learn“, both operating inside of the New York City School system.

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New version of Metryx to be released in November

September 25 article from the

We’ve been fans of Metryx Mobile Tracker, a web application that allows teachers to conduct thorough formative assessment on-the-go via smartphone, tablet or CPU, for a while now, and Metryx CEO Shawn Rubin was kind enough to chat with us about the state of the ed-tech industry a few months back.

We also published a Startup Snapshot of Metryx here.

Today we received this email from Mr. Rubin announcing the latest from Metryx, and we thought we’d give it to you straight from the horses mouth:

Wow!We are overwhelmed by the amount and quality of feedback we received for the Metryx beta this summer and fall. Your ideas and requests caused us to rethink our release date as we took your suggestions and used them to drive our app rebuild this fall.
We apologize that the school year has started without our powerful, mobile formative assessment tool in your hands, but just know that our quest is to make the personalization of education easier for all, and we have left no stone unturned when designing and building this new version!

As educators, we understand that we are building a game-changing software for over-worked, under-appreciated, and highly-knowledgeable teachers, and we want to make sure that we do it right!

When you see you it you will know that it was worth the wait!

You’ll swoon! You’ll scream! “Finally a tool that allows me to…

   * Flexibly assess by individual student or by individual skill”
   * See data in real-time allowing me to group students on the fly”
   * Track common core skills alongside behavior & rubric scores”
   * Take in data using online or offline asssessments”Right now we are looking at a November release for the new version of Metryx. Stay tuned for updates or visit to sign up to be one of the first teachers in the world to have mobile formative assessment at your fingertips!