BEP033 – What is the Value of Awards in School?

What do awards actually do for student performance? Is there a benchmark for an approach to recognition, plaques, awards overall? What is the goal for having those awards?

01:31 Christina’s perspective on awards as a student

02:52 Christina’s perspective on awards as a teacher

03:45 Nick’s perspective on awards

04:29 The Risks of Reward By Alfie Kohn

Good values have to be grown from the inside out.

04:45 Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation

06:07 Honoring and celebrating student achievement

07:06 How do you keep the fun and at the same time keep the value [of awards]?

09:11 Awards need to be rooted in goals, and need to be underlined by an overall classroom culture.

10:09 What teachers can do to make awards meaningful

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