BEP030 – How Do I Make My Rubrics More Valuable?

In this episode, we talk about teacher rubrics. How do you think beyond the traditional rubric?

01:35 The single-point rubric and how simplification and clarity could be the key to getting teachers much more excited about rubrics and making sure it’s much more impactful to student success in the classroom

02:03 Christina and her twin boys: giving kids feedback and how kids learn to adapt to different feedback

03:30 How a single point rubric makes learning, progress and expectations more concrete

06:36 The 3-column rubric

09:10 What giving feedback sounds like compared to giving feedback to kids eating Cheerios

10:00 Where this has really really worked well

10:35 What students liked about the single point rubric

11:30 Action step: change your rubric


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