BEP029 – How Do I Incorporate Parent and Community Engagement Into My Classroom?

In this episode, we talk about incorporating parent and community engagement in the classroom.

How do you engage parents in a holistic way? And how do you also engage the broader community to share their experiences on certain topics that you have? And also just engage them in collaboration with your students, and making sure that there’s a holistic perspective on all of these topics that they’re learning in the classroom.


01:20 Context and perspective

01:29 Problem of miscommunication or lack of communication

02:10 How to combat the problem of miscommunication: do more

03:26 Examples of either ways that schools have engaged parents and communities in pretty innovative ways, or just teachers who have taken initiative on themselves to be able to do that

03:41 3 different levels of communication with parents, families and the community in the classroom

03:51 Level 1 – Knowing your students

04:49 Level 2 – Talking as an extended family

05:13 Level 3 – Broader impact

06:00 Whatever you’re doing in the classroom, that can have a broader impact on the student, on the community, on your other teachers, just beyond your walls and your classroom.

06:19 Action items

06:33 Talk to your kids.

06:58 2 tools that work really well:

Talking Points


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