BEP028 – How to Be an Innovator in a Traditional System

In this episode, we talk about how to be an innovator in a traditional system. How can you innovate as a teacher or as an administrator, and what are the systems that hold you back from doing what you want to do?

What are some of the things that hold you back? How can you overcome them, or how can you work around them?

02:19 The problem is real. And what else is real are people who still want to do great things in their classrooms.

02:40 How some innovators in the classroom keep trying new things and keep getting set back to square one

02:52 Teachers with fantastic projects, and there’s resistance from neighboring classrooms, other teachers

03:25 People who roll out big initiatives and invite opinions, then have school committee members say that’s not how you should roll out one-to-one initiatives

04:04 Standardized testing and student mastery

05:18 What’s the difference between Ray and the teachers that have these barriers? Is it the barrier? Is it a perceived barrier?

05:54 Suggested solutions

06:09 Growth mindset

06:57 Just the persistence is one of those ways that you can combat hurdles to innovation in the classroom.

07:11 Letting the community into the classroom to see the great things that are happening and informing them about the process.

07:47 Transparency really helps change minds.

09:49 One action step that you can do: Build a community of like-minded people

11:39 Be the entrepreneur of your classroom. Think creatively.


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