BEP027 – Coaching vs. Teaching

In this episode, we talk about athletics, and teaching versus coaching. What coaches do from a mentorship and teaching perspective, and what traditional teaching offers our students.

01:30 Christina’s experience as a swim coach; comparing coaching and traditional teaching

02:00 We should rethink our teachers as coaches

04:31 Nick’s experience playing sports, and what he learned playing

05:47 Teacher training, education standards, applying what you learn

07:07 Not understanding why students are going to school; having students understand the why for what they’re learning   

08:25 The why to a lesson or activity in the classroom can just be because it’s fun.

09:48 Learning the discipline

10:29 The importance of preparation

11:25 Teachers are coaching their kids to be a little more metacognitive

12:09 As a teacher you don’t need to be an expert on everything you put in front of kids. It’s great to model that you don’t have all the answers.

12:36 Business and sports: the best performers do not necessarily make good coaches or leaders; the importance of having empathy

14:22 Action items for teachers

  • Think about setting goals with your kids.
  • Try to set aside some time to get away from the front of the classroom and observe students like a coach would observe them.
  • Try a flex model

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