BEP023 – What is Adaptive Learning, and Does It Make Me Obsolete?

In this episode, we talk about adaptive learning: how to use adaptive software to personalize learning for your kids.

01:24 How do we continue to drive personalized experiences for our students? Something that teachers are always thinking about, but, where does technology fit into this conversation? What are these technologies? How do they help? What is the teachers’ perception of these technologies?

01:49 Christina, from a teacher’s perspective, what can you see in the marketplace for teachers and the way that they look at these technologies?

02:09 Here’s technology coming to do my job. How do I fit in? How do I find that balance of using an adaptive software with my current teaching practice?

Adaptive Software – programs that help diagnose gaps that students might have in their knowledge that fall out of your grade level curriculum.

03:40 Does that mean that there is no need for teachers?

04:10 Adaptive learning is not blended learning. Blended learning is both the technology piece and the teacher piece and the data piece. All three of the pieces working together.

05:04 Adaptive software should help identify that gap and start filling that gap with content for kids to access.

06:18 Electric toothbrush analogy

06:55 Technology supports the end goal but the director, or the teacher in this analogy, really gets the job done and really makes sure that you can meet that goal.

07:34 Alexa

08:23 Technology as a delivery mechanism for personalized learning

09:00 Recommendations and specific use case for the pitfalls of adaptive software

10:14 One of the things that a teacher has to provide is a focus for this work.

11:34 You (teacher) are transforming from a person who delivers content to a coach and mentor and adviser.

12:29 Technology recommendations?

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